How to Prepare for a Cleaning

Deposit Required

If you’re not a recurring customer a $25 holding deposit is required same day of booking. NO DEPOSIT, NO APPOINTMENT, NO EXCEPTION. The $25 deposit goes towards your service and is good for a ONE-TIME rescheduled appointment made within 24-hours of the scheduled appointment time. If you cancel service before the appointment date the deposit is nonrefundable. If you pay for services in full and are needing to cancel a $25 cancelation fee will apply.


For a customized quote to meet your specific cleaning needs a walk-through inspection of the home is required. Please note that walk-throughs are a non-refundable $30. If your home contains any infestations the cleaner has the option to terminate the clean until the issue is resolved which will resolve in a $25 fee to rebook cleaning.

Your Valuables

If you have valuables or heirlooms, including but not limited to any irreplaceable, collectable or expensive objects, it’s preferred that these items are secured and put away to avoid potential accidents. You are responsible for letting us know of any valuables that you prefer we not clean or handle. Please secure any loose cash, credit cards, and checkbooks as well. We are not responsible for any missing currency. Please pick up any household items that may be lying around including important documents to avoid misplacement during the time of your scheduled cleaning.

Lock Outs

If we are unable to enter the home at the time of the service appointment or the client isn’t home upon arrival, we offer a 15-minute grace period as we understand emergencies may occur. After 15 minutes there will be a charge of $5 per every 5-minute wait with a maximum of 25 minutes before the appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

Furry Friends

We are pet friendly however, we ask that pets are put away in a safe and secure place during our visit. Our staff are instructed to clean around certain areas such as but not limited to beds/homes, litter box, vomit, and/or fecal matter.

If your pet has an accident, it is your responsibility to clean it up, not staff.